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Saturday, January 8, 2011

We know who we are: Late nights, Early mornings

They say I have "the hunger"...

I know it's true.

I can feel it!

The steady dance of the insomniac

all lead by the chorus of a dream.

I KNOW who I am. And who I should be.

If we fail to awake before the sun fully shines,

we know the worm has been snatched from us.

Because WE know who we are and who we should be.

There is a work out plan,

there is a song to be written and rehearsed,

there is a network to be had and maintained.

And if we lay our head before the moon fully glows,

we have failed ourselves again.

Late studio sessions.

Hand shakes...

Business deals made in the wee hours of the night.

New marriages. Partnerships.

But if we prematurely slumber....

An opportunity was missed,

something was missed.

So it only seems befitting to remain sleepless.

In constant motion.

Because WE KNOW who we are!

We are chasers of a dream.

Much like the sun chasing the moon

as the moon does the same.

However they never truly meet...

they only get in ones' way.

We chase that special moment the same.

And we keep chasing.


You know who you are.

Good morning. Good evening. Good night.

your fellow hustler ;-),


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